A: Most trips are available for participants over the age of 18. However we sometimes have projects that are aimed at or open to teenagers over 16. The requirements are always specified in the project description.

A : If you have a low level of English it is recommended you join a group trip. For individual trips it is recommended to have intermediate level of English or that you learn basic vocabulary suited for your country of destination.

A: This depends entirely upon the hosting institution and the facilities they dispose of. Laws and progress on the issue of accessibility for handicapped people vary from a country to another. If you are physically handicapped and would like to participate in a language trip, please send us an Email stating the project’s name, and we will get in touch with them to find out!

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A : Visa requirements depend on the country the participant would like to go to. Visa prices range from free to 150€ depending on the country and the length of the stay. For more information you can visit your chosen countries’ embassies’ website, or ask your coordinator who will help you if possible.

A: Usually it is not necessary as the students get learning materials provided by the schools and teachers. It’s always a good idea to bring games, music, specialities from your home, that you can share and enjoy with your group. Group life becomes more interesting when participants enrich it with their experiences. Think about what you could teach or share with the group - it can be either something useful or weird: a shadow theatre or counting in your language or an energizer game, anything, that can make an common activity funner and richer.

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All of our language trips have application deadlines specified in the description. We reccomend you apply at least ONE MONTH before the project is planned to take place.

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Here at SVI we have coined the term “ethno-linguistics” to describe the experiences we promote. Instead of just learning a language, we would like the participants on our trips to live a trans-cultural experience where meeting people from different nationalities and backgrounds as well as learning or improving a second language help to create human connection and ties between cultures...

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