Hello! My name is Ronald, I am a teacher and an environmentalist from Uganda. I have been teaching in different capacities since my graduation in 2002. I have been a football coach teaching 12- to 16-year-old boys the beautiful game of football. I am also a language teacher who has taught Luganda (a local dialect) to secondary school students in Uganda. I am so passionate about education. I like passing on skills and I get fulfilled when I empower people with knowledge. It gives me satisfaction when people use the knowledge I passed on to them. I am a hands-on language teacher who gets involved in a number of activities. In the field of environment, I am a practical environmental activist who teaches school children ways of tackling climate change through my organisation called The Schools Tree Project. On weekends, I get busy teaching climate smart agriculture to rural women in Uganda. During my travels across East Africa, I have realised the potential of young people in transforming their communities. They need to be encouraged to use the power of their imagination to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. That is my commitment. As you join my class, I will not only teach you the language, I will go deeper into teaching you the rich culture, tradition and food of the people down here in Africa so that you understand the people and true meaning behind their character. It's a holistic package awaiting you.

  • Higher Diploma in Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management

Work experience

  • Part-time Teacher at Masese Seed Secondary School

    Part-time Teacher at Masese Seed Secondary School - Walukuba , Jinja, Uganda (2007 – 2010)

  • Programs Manager

    Programs Manager – Green Management Initiative -Mukono (2007- 2012)