Привет, Russian language lovers, I'm Elena. I'm a linguist, a teacher and a traveller. My language experience started 15 years ago during my studies abroad and a number of international volunteer camps in Europe and Asia. I used to work for a non-profit associaton and I organised several voluntary camps in Siberia. Naturally, I came to teaching Russian to foreigners – and I loved this experience. My linguistic background has helped me develop my own pedagogy to help you avoid mistakes and navigate the more complex structures of the russian language. Additionally, I teach Japanese and English to students of all ages, do translations from and to Russian, Japanese and English and of course speak these languages to foreigners, organise speaking clubs, write letters or just travel abroad. P. S. 別の日本人の方、ようこそ!日本語でも簡単な説明ができる!

  • Voronezh State University, Chamber of Translation and Interculture Communication (MA)

  • Teaching experience – over 10 years

    Russian Japanese English

  • Volunteering experience

    Moscow (ENVI, campleader) Kaluga (FEST, campleader) Krasnoyarsk (FEST, campleader) Tuva (FEST, campleader) Denmark (SOCI) Iceland (ENV) Greece (KIDS, CONS) Japan(FEST, ENVI, AGRI, KIDS)

  • Travelling experience

    Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, China, Nepal, India, Philippines, Japan