My name is Alla and I am a qualified French and English teacher. I graduated from the University of Vologda in Russia in 2020 (Vologda state University) with B.A. in linguistics and pedagogy. While I studied at university, I worked as a teacher in a language school for 2 years and I’m currently a tutor and I give private lessons of Russian. I prefer online studying which gives me an opportunity to communicate with people in different languages and also teach them how to speak the language. Among my students there’re beginners and also people who have an elementary and a pre-intermediate level. I am motivated and ambitious and I would like my students to appreciate and understand the importance of learning foreign languages. I believe in a strong communication betweencultures of different countries. I was on intership in the South of France and also I had an incredible experienceas a volunteer in Paris. From October 2020 I will work as a Russian teacher in a French lyceum in Paris. I was lucky to teach both children and adults. I travelled a lot (Finland, Sweden, Belgium, North and South of France) and I’ve experienced many great moments. I love leading my students, stimulating their minds, making them creative thinkers. It is challenging and it constantly requires new ideas and a fresh outlook from my part, which is inspiring.

  • Vologda state University , B.A. in linguistics and pedagogy